Luisa Lopez is a singer-songwriter from Houston, Texas. She has been writing and recording in Nashville, Tennessee for 2 decades. She formed her first band, FINNA, in 2003. She wrote, arranged, and produced their full length album, Protect Me From What I Want, which was soft-released in 2005. She later connected with bassist Gary Welch of The Katies to co-produce her solo debut, Cigarettes and other dirges…, which was self-released in 2010. The release was listed as one of the Nashville Scene’s Critic’s Picks.  She was featured in Lakefever Sessions, along with other artists such as St. Vincent, Superdrag, and local Nashville favorites The Features and Those Darlins. She released a Christmas single, Spend Your Christmas With Me, in 2011 and the single Charley, accompanied with a music video, in 2013.  Charley was her directorial debut. Her music has evolved from a rock and roll past and has been considered a fusion of classic soul and country, which is at the heart of her storytelling. She currently is working on a new album and carving out a new sound. Expect her in winter 2017-2018.