Luisa Lopez is a singer-songwriter from Texas. She moved to Nashville prompted by friends to flush out, in their thoughts, her obvious gift of song. She spent some short-lived time with a now defunct publishing group and went onto form her first band FINNA in 2003. She wrote, arranged, and produced their EP and full length album “Protect Me From What I Want”. This was not without the wildly catchy chemistry of the band. The album was released in 2005 and recorded at the loved but lost Lakefever Productions. She released her first solo project called “Cigarettes and other dirges…” in 2010. They are a handfull of songs about family, God, and smoking.
Her music would be considered a revisiting of classic soul and country if not that the artist hadn’t penned them so honestly and found the melodies so effortlessly. Evolving from a rock and roll past she inevitably went straight to her roots not “back to them” to connect with her audience. This artist visits what seems retro and keeps it relevant because it is and with her vocals, to quote L. Maloney of the Nashville Scene, “…if she announced that she’d be singing internal memos from the Congressional Budget Office, we’d be  right up front swooning like a schoolgirl with Bieber Fever”. However that you slice it, this Texan delivers accessible lyrics and matching melodies that make you feel something, somewhere between then and now.
Her current projects include a directorial debut for the music video “Charley” which is due out in 2013 and her Christmas single “Spend Your Christmas With Me”, which will be available through Itunes November 27, 2012. Stay tuned, she’s smoking with momentum.